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Cupcakes Gama-Go 4-Piece Badge Bomb Magnet Set

Cupcakes Gama-Go 4-Piece Badge Bomb Magnet Set
Item# MSGG-1469
Cupcakes are hot, especially this creative cupcake fridge magnet set from Gamma-Go and Badge Bomb. It's an inexpensive gift that wont's go stale or add any unwanted pounds.

Each cupcake fridge magnet features a different cupcake look - nerd cupcake, mustache cupcake, pensive cupcake, and happy cupcake.

Each Badge Bomb button style fridge magnet measures 1.25" diameter and sports a super strong rare earth fridge magnet back.

This Badge bomb fridge magnet set ships in an attractive plastic case, ready for the coolest gift giving event.