Guess Where I'm Tattooed Shot Glass 4-Pack

Guess Where I'm Tattooed Shot Glass 4-Pack
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Product Description

Anne Taintor shot glasses are a great way to kick start a party! This 4-Piece Anne Taintor shot glas set includes 4 standard 2 ounce shot glasses. These Anne Taintor themed glasses meld a good time with vintage and classic panache.

This Anne Taintor Shot Glass Set includes the following designs:

"medicated and motivated"
"stop me before I volunteer again"
"I'm so happy it's happy hour" "why do dishes when you can do shots?"

Add the Anne Taintor set to a collection of period shot glasses or gift them off to friends that are about to party. The Anne Taintor shot glass set is popular among bachelorette party-goers.