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Radiate Pure Ecstasy Quotable Card

Radiate Pure Ecstasy Quotable CardRadiate Pure Ecstasy Quotable Card
"Radiate pure ecstasy over every triumph and conquest, beam proudly for your bravery and valor, savor and relish your tolerance, celebrate your dogged perseverence and sheer guts; your compassion, empathy, and tenderness. All you feel will be amplified one million times as you see your good perpetuated by others, rippling outward, your smile and strenghth contageous, spreading like wildfire through space and time into eternity, reaching more lives than you ever might imagine could exist." -Mike Dooley

Quotable cards measure 5" square and ship complete with a white envelope. They're printed in the USA, using certified wind power, with vegtable based inks on 100% post consumer recycled paper.

Create an instant custom gift with the addition of a Quotable frame designed to fit each quotable card perfectly. Quotable frames are available in black and white options.

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