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What's New - January 99 to July 99

What's New - January 99 to July 99

July 1999
Austin Powers: Fancy a Shag?
Austin Powers: Dr. Evil in Chair
Austin Powers: The swinger has landed
Austin Powers: Swinger
Austin Powers: I shagged him rotten
Austin Powers: Felicity Shagwell, CIA
Blue Q's Bath Soap: Dirty Girl
Blue Q's Bath Soap: Queen
Blue Q's Bath Soap: Sex/Money
Blue Q's Bath Soap: Sweet Dreams
Blue Q's Bath Soap: Tough Guy
Blue Q's Bath Soap: Virgin/Slut
Blue Q's Bath Soap: Wash Your Sins Away
Blue Q's Bath Soap: Wash Your Worries Away
David McEnery's Classic Cats
David McEnery's Precious Piggy
Fender Guitar magnet set
Miracle Magnet: Anything not worth doing is worth not doing well.
Miracle Magnet: Condom
Miracle Magnet: I gave him the thinnest years of my life.
Miracle Magnet: I heard you twice the first time.
Miracle Magnet: If you're smoking, you'd better be on fire.
Miracle Magnet: In a world full of caterpillars it takes balls to be a butterfly.
Miracle Magnet: Life is short, but wide.
Miracle Magnet: Pez Yappy and Parrot
Miracle Magnet: Water pistol
Miracle Magnet: Wishing you green lights & blue skies.
Miracle Magnet: You're not too smart. I like that in a man.
Superman in Gotham
Superman Daily Planet magnetic frame
Scooby-Doo! die-cut mini-mag
Speed Racer die-cut mini-mag

June 1999
Austin Powers - Austin Headliners XL Statue
Austin Powers - Dr. Evil Headliners XL Statue
Bottman Design - Miles of smiles
Bottman Design - Just one of those days
Bottman Design - Cat Chorus
Bottman Design - Waiting for nails to dry
Bottman Design - Waiting for gossip
Bottman Design - When body parts migrate
Bottman Design - Potted plants
Bottman Design - Happily dying of chocolate
Bottman Design - Fruit tarts
Bottman Design - Hydrating fossils
Bottman Design - It's just fruit
Bottman Design - Inclined towards dessert
DC Comics - Adventures in the DC Universe #1
DC Comics - Batgirl Legends of the DC Universe #10
DC Comics - Hellblazer
DC Comics - Sandman #16
Anne Taintor - Male refrigerator blindness claims another victim
Anne Taintor - She refused to let common sense cloud her judgement
Anne Taintor - Whether to use her power for good... or evil
Anne Taintor - Nothing to fear but our mothers
Anne Taintor - Fran found small talk painless as long as she limited herself to appliances
Anne Taintor - Aware of the ironic ramifications of my happiness
Anne Taintor - Marge looks for signs of the impending apocalypse
Anne Taintor - I'm no quitter
Anne Taintor - I feel a sin coming on
Anne Taintor - All she could think was Y2K... Y2K

May 1999
Cat & Bench Miracle Magnet
Cat in Pasta Miracle Magnet
Curious George and Ducks
Curious George and Helicopter
Curious George Doctor
Curious George on Swing
Curious George on Wire
Curious George Painting
Dawson's Creek 11 Piece Magnet Set
Have a Nice Millennium 10 Piece Magnet Set
Jack Daniel's - Jack Rocks
Jack Daniel's Country
Jack Daniel's Green Label
Jack Daniel's Logo
Jack Daniel's on Ice
Jack Daniel's Portrait
Looney Toones: Bugs Bunny Magnetic Clock
Looney Toones: Daffy Duck Magnetic Clock
Looney Toones: Taz Magnetic Clock
Magnetic Poetry® Photo Faces Kit
Magnetic Poetry® Picture Frames
MTV's Daria: 3 Piece Combo Special
MTV's Daria: Brittany - Bounce & Giggle
MTV's Daria: Cast Collage
MTV's Daria: Daria - Hell is Other People
MTV's Daria: Trent - Not a Musician
Speed Racer's Mach V Acrylic Magnet
Taco Bell Dog 10 Piece Magnet Set
World Wrestling Federation 11 Piece Magnet Set

April 1999
Andy Griffith Show: Andy & Opie Eat'n Pie - Acrylic
Andy Griffith Show: Barney & Gomer - Acrylic
Andy Griffith Show: Deputy Barney Fife - Acrylic
Andy Griffith Show: Opie & Andy Dealing - Acrylic
Elvis Presley Magnetic Clock
Happy Days: Arthur "Fonzi" Fonzarelli - Acrylic
Happy Days: Richie Cunningham - Acrylic
Harley-Davidson: American Heritage Logo
Harley-Davidson: Bar & Shield Logo
Harley-Davidson: Dyna Low Rider Motorcycle
Harley-Davidson: Fatboy Motorcycle
Harley-Davidson: Heritage Springer Motorcycle
Harley-Davidson: Road King Classic Motorcycle
Harley-Davidson: Softail Springer Motorcycle
Harley-Davidson: Sportster Motorcycle
I Love Lucy - Lucy & Desi Shaving
I Love Lucy - Lucy & Ethel in Grass Skirts
I Love Lucy - Lucy in Evening Gown
I Love Lucy - Lucy Magnetic Clock
I Love Lucy - Vitameatavegamin Acrylic magnet
Mind Your Mother Talk Set
Saturday Night Live Cheerleaders
Three Stooges 5 Pack
Three Stooges in the Desert
Underdog & Polly Purebred Flying
Underdog & Riff Raf

March 1999
Late March
Barbie - From One Perfect Doll to Another
Barbie - Good Taste Never Goes Out of Style
Barbie - Speak Softly and Carry an Exquisite Handbag
Barbie & Ken 70's Style
Barbie 1961 - 1964 Hair Styles
Barbie Astronaut 1986
Barbie Ciao!, 1969
Barbie Original 1959
Barbie Solo in the Spotlight
Early March
Babar Cooks Up a Storm
Babar Family Album
Babar on the Go
Cheezy Detectives
Dope Fiends
Elvis Presley 5 Pack
Freak Show
Goon Squad
Marvel Comics Premiere Issues
Personalized Paper House Note Cards
Saucer Attack!
School House Rock 6 Pack
Spider-man / Marvel Combo Special
Spider-man Limited Edition 3 Pack

February 1999
Late February
Bad Sex Sucks
Demotivators(tm) Magnets - Apathy
Demotivators(tm) Magnets - Ineptitude
Demotivators(tm) Magnets - Mediocrity
Demotivators(tm) Magnets - Procrastination
Firemen - "Dalmatian & Pups" Snowglobe
Firemen - "Fire Alarm" Snowglobe
Firemen - "Hero" Snowglobe
Firemen - "Team Effort" Snowglobe
Firemen - Fire Fighter Accessories
Firemen - Fire Fighter Gear
Firemen - Red Fire Truck
Firemen - Yellow Fire Truck
Fu%k it (You know what we mean)
I Heart My Penis
NY Style Coffee Cup
Play With Your Food - Cabbage
Play With Your Food - Lemon
Play With Your Food - Pear
Play With Your Food - Pepper
Police - "A Safe Return" Snowglobe
Police - "Swat Team" Snowglobe
Police - Badge
Police - Gun & Walkie Talkie
Police - Hat & Holster
Police - Motorcycle
Early February
Babe the Sheep Pig
Bad Girls Memo Board
Betty Page 5 Pack
Blondes! Brunettes! Redheads!
DC Comics Super Hero Logos 5 Pack
DC Comics Super Hero 5 Pack
Deputy Dawg Die-Cut
Felix the Cat Memo Board
Gone With The Wind - Mammy
Gone With The Wind - Scarlett
Gone With The Wind Logo
Heckel & Jeckel Dancing
Mighty Mouse Flying
Peanuts - Charlie Brown in Yellow
Peanuts - Charlie Brown Smiling
Peanuts - Linus & Blanket
Peanuts - Lucy Angry
Peanuts - Marcie & Apple
Peanuts - Peppermint Patty
Peanuts - Sally
Peanuts - Schroeder at Piano
Peanuts - Snoopy & Woodstock
Peanuts - Snoopy Sleeping
Pez Bride & Groom Set
Three Stooges Graduation Wall Plaque

January 1999
Austin Powers -"Who does No. 2 work for?"
Austin Powers - "Shall we shag now or later?"
Austin Powers with Fembots
Batman Battles the Joker
Batman Logo Magnetic Clock
Chilly Willy
City & Tourist Spot Magnets - A to H, 7 new magnets
City & Tourist Spot Magnets - K to P, 12 new magnets
City & Tourist Spot Magnets - R to Y, 7 new magnets
Curious George in Spacesuit Wall Plaque
Curious George on Turntable
DC Comics - Atlantis
DC Comics - Green Lantern
DC Comics - Shazam
DC Comics - Steel
DC Comics - The Flash
Elvis Presley 60's Style Clothes
Elvis Presley 70's Style Clothes
Elvis Presley Collector Card Magnets
Elvis Presley Dancing
Elvis Presley Magnetic Archive
Elvis Presley Mix'n Match Dress Up Set
Elvis Presley Motorcycle
Elvis Presley Motorcycle Wall Placque
Felix the Cat Magnetic Clock
Godzilla Destruction
Godzilla Logo
House This - Enameled Dragonfly
House This - Enameled Crazy Girl
I Love Lucy Mix'n Match Dress Up Set
I Love Lucy Pose
I Love Lucy TV Pizza
James Dean B&W Bust
John Wayne Gunfighter
John Wayne Wall Plaque
Kiss Head in Logo
Kiss Psycho Faces
Kiss Scream
Kiss Wagon
Looney Tunes Hot Rod 5 Pack
Magnetic Poetry Erotic Edition
Magnetic Poetry German Edition
Magnetic Poetry Italian Edition
Marvin the Martian & Bugs 5 Pack
Marvin the Martian Magnetic Clock
Marvin the Martian's Head
Moron Puzzle
Nancy Sinatra in Pink Bikini
nWo Wrestling - Goldberg
nWo Wrestling - Hollywood Hogan
nWo Wrestling - New World Order Logo
Rocky & Bullwinkle
Rocky & Bullwinkle's Boris & Natasha
Rocky & Bullwinkle's Dudley Do-Right & Nell
Scooby-Doo & Shaggy
Scooby-Doo Gang Washing Van
Scooby-Doo Holding Shaggy
Scooby-Doo Magnetic Clock
Scooby-Doo's Daphne
Scooby-Doo's Fred
Scooby-Doo's Shaggy
Scooby-Doo's Velma
Simpson's Reconstruction Kit I
Speed Racer Magnetic Clock
Spiderman Wall Plaque
State Magnets - Alabama to Kentucky, 16 new magnets
State Magnets - Louisiana to North Dakota, 17 new magnets
State Magnets - Ohio to Wyoming, 17 new magnets
Superman Magnetic Clock
Superman's Haircut
Three Stooges Choir
Three Stooges Heads
Three Stooges Football
Three Stooges in the Army
William Wegman's Puppies
Wizard of Oz 5 Pack
Wizard of Oz Mix'n Match Dress Up Set
Wolverine Wall Plaque
Wonder Woman - Battle Prize!
Wonder Woman & Dino
Wonder Woman Running
Wonder Woman's Triple Identity
Woody Woodpecker Mad